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Dale City Independence Day Parade

The Independence Day Parade is a way for people and organizations to meet and enjoy the 4th of July. People come from all over Dale City to get involved and meet the rest of the community.

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day is part of the Independence Day Parade and it's where families can get together and have fun while celebrating the 4th of July and learning more about their community.

Community Revitalization and Beautification (CRB)

The CRB is a committee that strives to make the community cleaner and more appealing.

Community Recognition Awards & Scholarships

We give out scholarships to students and give awards to the people of the community for their volunteer efforts or service.

Clean Up Days

Clean up Days are very important because we help clean up the community by collecting trash and disposing of it properly which also helps keep the environment clean.

Dale City Environment, Land Use & Transportation

Dale City Environment, Land use & Transportation is a committee which determines the Use of the land in the Dale City area.


Our purpose is to represent the interests of the residents of Dale City in a manner that benefits our entire community.

"The Voice Of Dale City"

Dedicated to the betterment of the community and the continuing improvement of the environment through the active participation of its citizens.

  • The DCCA has an executive board consisting of five elected officers and three trustees.

  • We rely on council representatives to exchange information, address neighborhood needs, and disperse information to our community.

  • We host an Annual Awards and Recognition Banquet to honor outstanding members of our community.

  • We feature various speakers and topics of interest each month at our meetings.

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One of the highlights of the winter season each year is the Dale City Civic Association Annual Awards Banquet, held at VFW Post 1503. This year almost 300 people attended the event on January 25th to celebrate the many dedicated teachers and first responders, promising excellent youth, and business and volunteer community leaders